The most creative ideas

Our architectural design is not just an artistic impression it have its own meaning and environment friendly green. Every part we design is as part of astrophysics based human interaction with the buildings. Our continous studying of human interaction with the buildings give you a new experience. feel free to contact us, we help you grow with the world.



Response Spectrum Analysis, Linear and Nonlinear Time History Analysis, Static Pushover Analysis


On site Structural Calculations, Detailed Drawings, Innovative Ideas, Hundreds of Scientific Remedies


Cost Effective Long Span Concrete and Steel Stuctures, Frameless Glass Structures, Contacts.

Our Mission

Environment friendly Green Homes, High rise Buildings, Long Span Commercial, Industrial Buildings, leisure malls and Bridges to come live into the competitve infrastructural World.

Innovation and Creativity to build all types of buildings, Infrastructures to change the current face.
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